how to support EM7565 modem

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon Dec 11 21:34:29 UTC 2017

Sebastian Sjoholm <sebastian.sjoholm at> writes:
>> On Dec 11, 2017, at 21:31 , Bjørn Mork <bjorn at> wrote:
>> Sebastian Sjoholm <sebastian.sjoholm at> writes:
>>> Aside for that I think my EM7565 got bricked, I get no ports visible
>>> in either Linux or Windows. I am not sure what happened, I was trying
>>> AT!BAND command and it did reboot, and did never wake up.
>> Nothing at all in dmesg when it is connected?  And lsusb also shows
>> nothing?
> Nope, nothing, no indication that it would be powered on.

Strange. Never imagined that could happen. There should be a couple of
boot loader stages with USB support, and you would think one of them
ended up still running if something failed.


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