Sprint Aircard 341U modem issue

dailijin dailijin126 at 126.com
Mon Dec 18 10:41:10 UTC 2017

Hi Aleksander,

Yes, maybe related to firmware version. below is my 341U modem information. only for your reference. 

[root at tvupack]# ./com_at /dev/ttyUSB1 ATI
Manufacturer: NETGEAR
Model: AirCard 341U
Revision: NTG9X15C_45.04.20.00 r18728 uscbd-fwbuild1 2014/02/26 03:50:31
MEID: 35574505092125
ESN: 12809169582, 808BEAAE
IMEI: 355745050921254
FSN: EW453200050410


Best Regards,

At 2017-12-18 17:12:11, "Aleksander Morgado" <aleksander at aleksander.es> wrote:
>On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 6:05 AM, dailijin <dailijin126 at 126.com> wrote:
>> update.
>> not sure why qmi_wwan can't make it work. now I can make it work using
>> GobiNet driver. this issue is solved.
>Well, for reference, I know of literally hundreds of systems running
>with AC341U in its various firmware versions, in raw-ip mode, using a
>backported version of qmi_wwan on top of 3.18 :) I don't think this is
>a qmi_wwan vs GobiNet issue at all.
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