Random input/output errors with /dev/cdc-wdm* in kernel 4.9.7

Kasper Holtze kasper at holtze.dk
Thu Feb 2 14:39:38 UTC 2017

Den 02-02-2017 kl. 14:57 skrev Bjørn Mork:
> Kasper Holtze <kasper at holtze.dk> writes:
>> I did not try re-applying 833415a3e781 - not sure if it makes sense to do?
> Yes, please if you could.  It would be great to know exactly which of
> the patches introduced this problem.
No problem. I think I mixed the commit IDs earlier, sorry. Reverting 
833415a3e781a26fe480a34d45086bdb4fe1e4c0 alone seems to fix the issue.


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