Attempt with qmi-firmware-update

Adam Sherman adam at
Sun Feb 5 03:02:51 UTC 2017

Good Evening All,

I decided my system was far too stable for my liking today, so I decided
to try and break it. :|

I am running a Linux Mint 18.1 system, which is a layer on top of Ubuntu
Xenial. Because of that, it has rather old tools (Modem Manager, libqmi,

So I found the PPA [0] which contains newer tools and upgraded
everything: qmicli 1.17.900, mmcli 1.6.4, ...

Then I figured I would try and upgrade to the firmware Sierra Wireless
says is carrier approved (Rogers/Bell Canada) for my MC7700:

$ sudo qmi-firmware-update -p -u -s 003:002
[sudo] password for asherman:
loading device information before the update...
rebooting in download mode...
download mode detected
downloading cwe image:
(38.3 MB)...
(-*----) 02.8%

It has been sitting there for about 15 minutes. When do I get worried?


Adam Sherman <adam at>

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