ANN: 1.17.901 released (unstable)

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Thu Feb 23 13:08:59 UTC 2017


I've tagged a 1.17.901 libqmi version. Please note this is neither a
release to be considered stable, nor a release candidate for 1.18.0.

You should use this version, though, if you're planning to further
test the qmi-firmware-update tool.

Please note that 1.17.x requires at least GLib 2.36. Otherwise, it
should be backwards compatible with 1.16.x API and ABI wise.

The main changes of this version w.r.t. the 1.17.900 version are:

  * New --{with|without}-udev option that allows building a minimal
version of "qmi-firmware-update" without udev support. This build only
allows "manual" FW operations, not the automatic one. By default udev
support is enabled.

 * New --{enable|disable}-mm-runtime-check option, that allows
controlling whether "qmi-firmware-update" checks if ModemManager is
running, and halts the operation if it is. This is to avoid invalid FW
upgrades due to MM getting in the way.

 * Added support for vendor specific commands like "SWI Get Current
Firmware" and "HP Change Device Mode".

 * New "auto" flag for QmiDevice. It is no longer necessary to supply
"--device-open-mbim" in qmicli or qmi-firmware-update when the modem
is running in MBIM mode; this will be automatically detected.

 * Added "Since:" tags in all APIs.

 * Added support for "NAS Operator Name" and "UIM Power Off/On"

 * Lots of fixes in qmi-firmware-update.


About libqmi:

Download here: [*]

Verify it:
    $ md5sum libqmi-1.17.901.tar.xz
    75ebbcf440b84aea09643205343f292c  libqmi-1.17.901.tar.xz

Please report bugs either to:
    libqmi-devel at

Or to bugzilla:

[*] As soon as I recover RW access to the release directory I'll copy
the tarball to the normal location for releases, so just adding the
link here as reference for the archive, it won't work yet.
For reference,


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