Unable to connect using a Quectel EC25-E modem and libqmi 1.18.0

xyj xuyj at smartkey.com.cn
Wed Jun 28 14:21:01 UTC 2017

> Does this match the kernel versions you have tested?  I.e. was the last
> test with 4.11 done with v4.11.2 or later, and were the failing tests
> with versions before v4.9.29 and v4.10.17?

I test Quectel EC20 R2.0 with RPi latest stable OS released this month whose kernel version is 4.9.28,
and the errors produced by qmi-network are similar to the first report in the thread. libqmi-* 1.10 is used.
And either raw_ip is N or Y, the results are same.

Jimmy Xu

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