Neoway n720 (mPCIe version) - uqmi hangs

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Nov 13 09:40:49 UTC 2017

> Never experience the hanging/blocking problem with quectel. But I have see
> some weird behaviour  on quectel, where the module sometimes frequently
> disconnects and then connects back(I've set it to autoconnect) on my LTE
> network(in India). Not sure if it is a cellular network problem or the
> module(Is there any way to figure that out?)

You could try to see what kind of disconnection WDS message is
reported by the module, to see if it includes the "call failed
reason". But not sure how to do that with uqmi, truth be told, if at
all possible, as uqmi is a CLI tool that runs operations independently
and isn't listening to QMI unsolicited messages. Not sure if I'm
missing something here, as I haven't used it that much, maybe someone
has some other way to do that.

If using libqmi/qmicli, you could manually run the qmi-proxy with
"--no-exit --verbose" and have all the qmicli commands run with the
"-p" option (to use the proxy). You would then see all unsolicited
messages received in the qmi-proxy verbose output. Or use ModemManager
with "--debug" and see the messages received there.


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