Issue resetting modem

Paul Gildea gildeap at
Thu Nov 30 11:28:51 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I have noticed an intermittent issue when I try to reset modems with
qmicli, I was wondering if you have seen this or have any thoughts? To
transition the modem from online to be reset I enter these commands:


The vast majority of the time this works fine, however very rarely I get an
issue where qmicli says that the reset operation has been set successful,
however the modem never actually resets. It has happened with an MC7354

When I query the modem it's mode is set to "reset", if I enter the command
again qmicli again says that it was successful but it does not reset. I
can't change the mode back to "offline" or "online" as they are invalid

My only way out of this so far has been  an AT command to reset the modem,
which works. Any ideas or has anybody seen this happen?


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