Firmware update of MC7455 timing out.

Christophe Ronco c.ronco at
Thu Nov 30 16:22:42 UTC 2017

Hi Paul,

On 11/30/2017 04:09 PM, Paul Gildea wrote:
> I have done some more testing and now realised every MC7455 modem I 
> try to update is now stuck in "low-power" mode  and I can not get it 
> out of it. Although the mode should not be persistent over power cycle 
> it is. I will see are there any other AT commands I can try to get out 
> of that state.
> I also got a different error a couple of the times I tried today:
> loading device information before the update...
> setting firmware preference:
>   firmware version: ''
>   config version:   '002.034_000'
>   carrier:          'VERIZON'
> rebooting in download mode...
> download mode detected
> error: error creating device: unexpected response received in dload 
> sdp: 0x13
I had the same kind of error on a MC7304 modem. You can have an hint on 
why you are in low-power mode using AT!pcinfo?

On my modems, I had:

State: LowPowerMode
LPM force flags - W_DISABLE:0, User:0, Temp:0, Volt:0, BIOS:0, GOBIIM:1
Poweroff mode: 0
LPM Persistent: 1


In Sierra AT documentation I have, GOBIIM flag is not described.
I didn't manage to have a usable answer from Sierra on:
  - where this could come from
  - how to fix it
I just stopped upgrading MC7304 modems (I managed to upgrade MC7354 and 

Best regards,
Christophe Ronco

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