MC7304 takes minutes to get IP address with DHCP

Paul Loberg pallo+libqmi at
Tue Oct 24 10:42:26 UTC 2017


I am testing a computer with a Sierra Wireless MC7304 modem where I am
stuck in debugging why it usually take several minutes to obtain an IP
address via DHCP.

I'm using libqmi 1.18.0 and a 4.1.35 kernel on Gentoo. To bring up the
connection I do (DEV is /dev/cdc-wdm0)

 qmicli -d $DEV --wda-set-data-format=802-3
 qmicli -d $DEV --wds-start-network=apn='internet' --client-no-release-cid
 qmicli -d $DEV --wds-set-autoconnect-settings=enabled,roaming-allowed

After this, "qmicli -d $DEV --wds-get-packet-service-status" will show the
status as "connected" and qmicli -d $DEV --wds-get-current-settings does
show that the connection has been assigned an IP address immediately

To configure the interface I rely on dhcpcd which I see report "carrier
acquired" shortly after I bring up the wwan interface with qmicli and it
then start sending DISCOVER requests on the interface. This goes on for
many minutes (sometimes as much as 10 minutes) before a DHCP offer is
received with the IP that I already observed when doing "qmicli -d $DEV

What can be causing this? Is it an issue with the mobile broadband provider
or related to my system?

Would it be safe to parse the output from "qmicli -d $DEV
--wds-get-current-settings" and configure the wwan interface using that
information? Does any tools exist that does that?

Any suggestions or help is highly appreciated.


 -- Paul
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