Exporting qmi-firmware-update

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 12:24:30 UTC 2018

Hi all,

My name is Richard Hughes and I'm the maintainer of fwupd which is a
daemon that updates firmware on all kinds of devices. I also maintain
the LVFS which is a webservice that supplies metadata and firmware
files to fwupd, which the various OEMs and ODMs upload to. I've been
asked to add support for all the various QMI devices so we can ship a
GUI solution into the next version of our enterprise distro.

I've seen all the good code in src/qmi-firmware-update/ but my worry I
see is that I need basically all of that in fwupd to do a proper
plugin -- and none of it seems to be exported as shared API.

Would you consider a patch that either just exported that as part of
libqmi-glib.so.5 or as a new shared library like
libqmi-update-glib.so.5? I'm open to alternative ways of doing this,
but would really rather avoid just shelling out to an executable and
scraping the output as that is error-prone and fragile.

Comments welcome, thanks,


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