ANN: libqmi 1.18.2 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Sat Jan 20 13:16:18 UTC 2018


This is the first bugfix release in the 1.18.x series, built from the qmi-1-18 branch.

Overview of changes in libqmi 1.18.2

 * libqmi-glib:
   ** Fix G_DEPRECATED_FOR annotations.
   ** Prefer realpath() to canonicalize_file_name().
   ** Avoid signals sent to the qmi-proxy process.
   ** Fixed several invalid memory reads and assertions.
   ** Plugged memleak in set_instance_id() logic.

 * qmi-firmware-update:
   ** Support USB3->USB2 mode changes during upgrade.

 * Several other fixes and improvements.


About libqmi:

Download here:

Verify it:
    $ md5sum libqmi-1.18.2.tar.xz 
    55214c4a13bf0b9b4c626bdbeef27859  libqmi-1.18.2.tar.xz

Please report bugs either to:
    libqmi-devel at

Or to bugzilla:


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