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Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Sat Jun 2 16:08:09 UTC 2018


> We are developing  a new generation or our  alarm dialer  product, for which
> we used to use AT commands in the old days, but now we have luxury of
> developing a platform on which we can use libqmi.  We are kind of
> overwhelmed by libqmi and all its capabilities.  We have the need for the
> following capabilities and:
> - SIM card unlocking/changing pin code/puk code,  etc.
> - Starting  and answering voice calls (we will be using TTS for
> communication).
> - DTMF
> - Network connectivity internet or private APN.
> - SMS messaging
> What is best practice for the above features libqmi, ModemManager, at
> commands? or a combination.

I'd suggest using ModemManager, although some of the features you list
may not be fully implemented using libqmi yet (e.g. Voice support is
only supported via AT commands right now in MM). I would definitely
just try MM on the device you're targeting to use, and then check
which are the missing features, if any.

> Also would you recommend a book or site for further reading?

I used to blog about libqmi and ModemManager features in


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