Advise on usage

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Jun 4 07:16:01 UTC 2018

> Thank you! And what would be the best way to do the missing features? I
> understand that MM only supports AT command's in debug mode.

In debug mode, ModemManager runs with all QMI, MBIM and AT support as
it would normally do, but we just dump very verbose logs, e.g.
including all the QMI or MBIM message transactions.

The special thing about debug mode is that it also allows running
user-provided arbitrary AT commands (e.g. mmcli
--command="AT+whatever"). This is primarily thought for testing
purposes. In order to achieve the same thing with QMI or MBIM (i.e.
being able to run arbitrary QMI or MBIM commands while MM is running)
you can just run the qmicli or mbimcli operations using the additional
"-p" parameters (i.e. through the qmi-proxy or mbim-proxy, which MM
also uses).

What I was suggesting in your case was to just give it a try, run it
in debug mode, and then go interface by interface seeing what things
are missing.


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