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Fri Jun 8 01:38:12 UTC 2018

So, I noticed that Proxmox was detecting the modem properly through MBIM.  I blacklisted the modules that were loaded for the modem because I thought that Proxmox was not completely sending it through to the VM.  This caused the system to get an IP address more readily, but still not connected.

Maybe Proxmox is isolating the data connection because it doesn’t know about it?  I am not sure.

> On Jun 7, 2018, at 4:03 PM, Noah Taber <noahtaber at> wrote:
> Thanks Thomas and Dan.  I will keep looking into it.  Maybe I did something.  
> I’m thinking it should work, which is confusing why it does not for me.
>> On Jun 7, 2018, at 8:35 AM, Dan Williams <dcbw at <mailto:dcbw at>> wrote:
>> On Thu, 2018-06-07 at 04:55 -0700, Noah Taber wrote:
>>> Hi Thomas,
>>> Sorry for not being clear, but I am using this in mbim mode.  I
>>> haven't
>>> tried PPP or QMI yet.
>>> My understanding is that mbim is a type of PPP, but faster.
>> Not quite.  They are both ways of moving data traffic between the modem
>> and the computer, but they are very different.
>> MBIM will expose what looks like an ethernet interface on your computer
>> (as opposed to a PPP network interface) and you would use mbimcli or
>> another tool like ModemManager to request the IP address/gateway/DNS
>> details from the modem firmware via an MBIM command.  Those details
>> then get applied to the network interface and data traffic should be
>> available.
>> Dan
>>> On Thu, Jun 7, 2018, 1:12 AM Thomas Schäfer <tschaefer at <mailto:tschaefer at>>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Am 07.06.2018 um 04:26 schrieb Noah Taber:
>>>>> I’m trying to pass the mc7455 to a virtual machine using USB
>>>> passthrough.  I can get the mc7455 detected, with drivers
>>>> installed.  When
>>>> I connect with the modem, I get no data through it.  Is this a PPP
>>>> issue?
>>>> Has anyone been able to do this properly?  Am I missing something?
>>>> I am not sure if this modem works with ppp at all. Have you tried
>>>> qmi or
>>>> mbim modes?
>>>> Thomas
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