EM7565 support by qmi-firmware-update ?

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Sun May 6 09:07:05 UTC 2018

"Frank Czerni" <frank.czerni at online.de> writes:

>   Two months ago there was a longer discussion thread regarding firmware updates for the new SWI EM7565.
>     https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/libqmi-devel/2018-March/002781.html
>    I know there is still no firmware public available on the Sierra Wireless server.
>    But do you have any updates regarding this topic?
>    Will you implement firmware loading for the EM7565 in the near future?

I can only answer for myself, but I'll do that as I was responsible for
that thread...

I am not working on this feature, and probably won't be either. At least
not in the near future. The protocol is pretty well described.  The rest
currently looks more like real work than real fun. I am lazy, and mostly
in this business for the fun.

Sorry about that.  Feel free to implement the feature yourself :-)

I might change opinion if the lack of this feature becomes a real pain
for me personally.  But that won't happen until Sierra Wireless starts
releasing regular firmware updates.  Still hoping someone with better
programming skills will do it before that happens...


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