MC7455 with qmicli: Transaction timed out

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Fri Mar 1 10:00:44 UTC 2019

Sampo Pitkanen <Sampo.Pitkanen at> writes:

> I am using a custom Linux board with kernel version 4.9 and qmicli
> version 1.22.0. I have used a MC7304 for two years with no problems.
> I have now tried updating to both a MC7455 and MC7430. Initially
> neither worked, every qmicli command I made resulted in a "transaction
> timed out" message.
> I then updated both qmi_wwan.c and qcserial.c to the latest version
> (from kernel 5.0-rc8). MC7430 started working, but MC7455 still does
> not work. For example trying to change the data format looks like
> this:
> qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --wda-set-data-format=802-3
> error: couldn't create client for the 'wda' service: CID allocation failed in the CTL client: Transaction timed out
> I can get the modem to respond to QMI messages using the GobiNet and
> GobiSerial drivers provided by sierra Wireless, but I really don't
> want to develop my own cli using those drivers, I'd much rather
> continue using qmicli.
> Anyone have any ideas?

Maybe it's the issue we tried to fix here?:

But that doesn't explain the difference between the  MC7455 and the
MC7430.  Are both these using the same device IDs?


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