[RFC] Update empty qmi|mbim-proxy lifetime from 30s to 300s

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Mon Mar 11 22:18:18 UTC 2019

> > ModemManager 1.10 introduced the concept of "inhibiting devices"
> > which
> > is basically a way to tell MM to temporarily stop using a given
> > modem,
> > e.g. if we want to do a firmware upgrade.
> >
> > Once a device is inhibited, all clients of the qmi|mbim-proxy
> > processes that were created by MM gets removed, and so the proxies
> > may
> > end up without any client and the "empty proxy lifetime" timeout
> > kicks
> > in. This timeout is currently 30s, and when it's reached, the proxy
> > process finishes by itself.
> I probably missed the intricacies of the inhibit discussion, but do the
> proxies know anything about the inhibition? Would it help to have some
> kind of feature of the proxy to say "hey don't go away for a while"?

Yes, I understand your reasoning; you would want to have some way to
"keep the proxy alive for as long as the inhibition is hold", and we
could maybe do that just by keeping an open socket connection to the
proxy from within MM (not associated to any modem). I may draft a
solution like that if the 300s approach ends up giving further

> But for the interim, I don't have a problem with the 300s plan.



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