Issues with IPv4v6 and IPv6 on openwrt with a Quectel EG06-E

Amol Lad Amol.Lad at
Fri Nov 8 04:56:42 UTC 2019

Hi Aleksander,

Is this behaviour ("NoEffect" error) specific to Quectel EG06-E modem or you think it's a general issue across all modems?

I would really love to test your changes but have no APN with IPv6 support ☹


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Subject: Issues with IPv4v6 and IPv6 on openwrt with a Quectel EG06-E

Hey Thomas, Bjørn and all,

I'm trying to test IPv4v6 and IPv6 using a Quectel EG06-E, which runs in QMI mode. This is in OpenWRT, using this branch that I'm working
(BTW, any additional test with that branch would be very welcome)

When I fire up the connection through ModemManager, the logic will create separate WDS clients for the IPv4 and IPv6 "start network"
commands (only one IPv6 client in case of IPv6 only).

What I see in the logs is that the "start network" command for the
IPv4 part works successfully, but the one for the IPv6 part returns a "NoEffect" error.

<<<<<< QMUX:
<<<<<<   length  = 26
<<<<<<   flags   = 0x80
<<<<<<   service = "wds"
<<<<<<   client  = 20
<<<<<< QMI:
<<<<<<   flags       = "response"
<<<<<<   transaction = 3
<<<<<<   tlv_length  = 14
<<<<<<   message     = "Start Network" (0x0020)
<<<<<< TLV:
<<<<<<   type       = "Result" (0x02)
<<<<<<   length     = 4
<<<<<<   value      = 01:00:1A:00
<<<<<<   translated = FAILURE: NoEffect

In the logic of MM, a "NoEffect" error is treated as no error, so the logic goes on and tries to "WDS Get Current Settings" with the IPv6 client, and that one fails with an OutOfCall error.

<<<<<< QMUX:
<<<<<<   length  = 19
<<<<<<   flags   = 0x80
<<<<<<   service = "wds"
<<<<<<   client  = 20
<<<<<< QMI:
<<<<<<   flags       = "response"
<<<<<<   transaction = 4
<<<<<<   tlv_length  = 7
<<<<<<   message     = "Get Current Settings" (0x002D)
<<<<<< TLV:
<<<<<<   type       = "Result" (0x02)
<<<<<<   length     = 4
<<<<<<   value      = 01:00:0F:00
<<<<<<   translated = FAILURE: OutOfCall

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening here?
These tests are using the "" APN in Denmark.

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