Quectel RM500Q-GL not showing 5G bands or access technology

Sebastian Sjoholm sebastian.sjoholm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 03:46:33 UTC 2020

Hi Nick,

Please provide the printouts, and also let us know if you are on 5G NSA or
SA (I would assume NSA).


On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 2:47 AM Nick <mips171 at icloud.com> wrote:

> Hey,
> I am on git master modemmanager and libqmi 1.25.900. My RM500Q-GL is
> showing LTE, but not 5gnr as an available access technology. I’m also not
> seeing any 5G bands in --dms-get-band-capabilities.  Can anyone else
> confirm, or advise?
> There is a possibility that I need to get a 5G enabled SIM, as I’m testing
> on Telstra in Australia.
> Best,
> Nick
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