ANN: libqmi 1.26.0 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Sat Jun 20 10:03:49 UTC 2020


This is a new major release of libqmi, which will be the base for the new 1.26.x stable series (the new "qmi-1-26" branch in git).

Overview of changes in libqmi 1.26.0

 * Build now requires GLib/GObject/GIO 2.48.

 * Build updated with several improvements:
   ** The build has been updated to use by default all warnings enabled by AX_COMPILER_FLAGS(), and therefore when building the release from a git checkout, autoconf-archive >= 2017.03.21 is now required. This new build dependency isn't required when building from the release tarball.
   ** Also when building from a git checkout, beware because by default --enable-compile-warnings=error is enabled, which implies -Werror. If you'd like to build from git and avoid -Werror, you should explicitly use --enable-compile-warnings=yes (to keep the warnings but without being errors), --enable-compile-warnings=no (to disable all the extra warnings enabled by default) or --disable-Werror (to unconditionally make all compiler warnings non-fatal).

 * Added new message collections support, so that users can select which messages to include in the built library during configure with the --enable-collection option. Three predefined sets are given:
   ** minimal: the bare minimum messages required to control connectivity.
   ** basic: all messages and indications that ModemManager requires.
   ** full: all supported messages and indications.
   Users can install custom collections under data/ and reference them in the same way as the predefined sets. E.g. installing a new data/qmi-collection-custom.json set can be enabled during configure with --enable-collection=custom.

 * Added new GObject Introspection support in the library, that can be explicitly requested during configure with --enable-introspection=yes. With the new introspection support, the libqmi-glib library can now be used directly from e.g. python programs, as in the example included with the release.

 * Implemented new QRTR backend support, disabled by default. This new backend allows to perform QMI operations on systems with the Qualcomm IPC router protocol available (since Linux 4.7). Users can build the QRTR backend support with --enable-qrtr, and will require the corresponding kernel headers. When this backend is enabled, a new libqrtr-glib library is built and installed along with libqmi-glib. The API of this libqrtr-glib library, and the QRTR-specific APIs in libqmi-glib (e.g. qmi_device_new_from_node()) must not be considered stable yet, they may change in future versions of the project, even in 1.26.x updates. The libqmi-glib headers include a new QMI_QRTR_SUPPORTED symbol that specifies whether the QRTR backed has been enabled (if set to 1) or not (if set to 0).

 * Added 5GNR radio access technology support, with new enum values in both the DMS and NAS services.

 * New services:
   ** New 'GMS' (Telit General Modem Service) service, for now just implementing basic test get/set value commands.
   ** New 'DSD' (Data System Determination) service, implementing methods to get and set default bearer APN settings.

 * New request/response/indications:
   ** dms: implement "Get MAC Address" request/response.
   ** dms: renamed "Dell Get Firmware Version" to "Foxconn Get Firmware Version" as the command applies not only to the Dell-branded variant, but also to the generic Foxconn-branded models. The old APIs are kept available but flagged as deprecated.
   ** loc: implement "Set NMEA Types" request/response.
   ** loc: implement "Get NMEA Types" request/response.
   ** uim: implement "Switch Slot" request/response.
   ** uim: implement "Get Slot Status" request/response.
   ** uim: implement "Slot Status" indication.
   ** voice: implement "Indication Register" request/response.
   ** voice: implement "Originate USSD" request/response.
   ** voice: implement "Answer USSD" request/response.
   ** voice: implement "Cancel USSD" request/response.
   ** voice: implement "Release USSD" request/response.
   ** voice: implement "USSD" indication.
   ** voice: implement "Originate USSD No Wait" request/response.
   ** voice: implement "Originate USSD No Wait" indication.

 * New TLVs supported in existing messages:
   ** nas: added 'Extended List' and 'Bandwidth List' in "Get RF Band Information".
   ** wda: added 'Endpoint Info' in "Get Data Format".

 * libqmi-glib:
   ** Added g_autoptr() support to all public types.
   ** The qmi_message_get_version_introduced_full() method is now deprecated and should no longer be used in newly written code. This method will always return FALSE as the details of which protocol version introduced the message are no longer available.

 * qmi-proxy:
   ** Updated to keep track of QMI clients that have not been explicitly released, so that qmicli --client-cid=[CID] and --client-no-release-cid operations can handle indications properly.

The following features which were backported to 1.24.x releases are also present in libqmi 1.26.0:

 * libqmi-glib:
   ** The logic behind QMI_DEVICE_OPEN_FLAGS_VERSION_INFO has been updated, and from now on it will only make sure the version info of the device is loaded when it's opened. The library will no longer prevent a given message from being sent to the module based on the version information kept in the message database.
   ** Updated string reading logic to make sure that all strings are valid UTF-8, and also automatically attempt parsing as GSM7 or UCS2 if the initial UTF-8 validation fails.
   ** Renamed TLV 0x15 in the "WDA Get Data Format" message, and added new compat methods for the old name.
   ** Fixed the format of the NITZ information TLV, and added new compat methods for the old name.
   ** Fixed the format of the Home Network 3GPP2 TLV, and added new compat methods for the old name.
   ** Added new WDS verbose call end reasons in the IPv6, PPP, 3GPP, CM and Internal groups.
   ** Updated to detect QMI control ports exposed as 'smdpkt' or 'rpmsg' virtual devices.


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