ANN: libqmi 1.24.12 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Sat May 9 12:27:08 UTC 2020


This is the sixth bugfix release in the 1.24.x series, built from the qmi-1-24 branch.

Overview of changes in libqmi 1.24.12

 * libqmi-glib:
   ** Skip UTF-8 validation on 0xFF suffix that may happen in fixed sized strings (e.g. 2-digit MNC value in 3-byte fixed sized field).
   ** Explicitly allow CR and LF as valid characters in strings (e.g. when given in NMEA trace indications).

 * qmi-proxy:
   ** Fix loss of last requests on client hangup.
   ** Fix missing indication/removal signal handling in clients.
   ** Fix forwarding of broadcast indications to all clients.

 * Several other minor improvements and fixes.


About libqmi:

Download here:

Verify it:
    $ sha256sum libqmi-1.24.12.tar.xz 
    2d3b91a2b8a882b17b16403c9ef7bdce522db4f0ceaa3e4dff76033885428b69  libqmi-1.24.12.tar.xz

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