Modem not being put into download mode with qmi-firmware-update

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Apr 20 15:52:02 UTC 2021

,Hey Paul,

> I have noticed this several times with Sierra Wireless modems, when I try to perform a firmware upgrade they are failing as the modem does not go into download mode and I get "error: unsupported download protocol". Once this happens I have to do a full reboot of the system to make it work again as the behaviour is then consistent. In dmesg I can confirm that it is rebooting and going straight into application mode and thus fails. Any ideas what is going on?

Looks like the upgrade operation is trying to write a firmware version
+ carrier that already exists:,002.026_000,GENERIC
When this happens, the modem just reboots itself selecting the desired
firmware that already exists, without entering the download mode.

You can override this by using --override-download in
qmi-firmware-update; that should make it enter the download mode even
if the same requested firmware+carrier versions are already installed.


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