Issue with --gas-dms-set-active-firmware/Telit modems

Paul Gildea gildeap at
Thu Aug 5 12:02:21 UTC 2021


I am trying to use *--gas-dms-set-active-firmware* to set a carrier
firmware on Telit LM960A18 modems using Libqmi 1.28.4. Libqmi is reporting
that the preference has successfully changed, however it has not - nothing

This happened on three modems and worked on my others, same firmware - the
xx6 latest firmware. The command has always worked thus far, and the only
difference is that I upgraded the firmware on all these modems, however
that does not explain things as there are mixed results.

I then tried with AT commands and it says "ERROR", so it is not working
there either. It turns out the culprit is found in the AT doc:

Note: Firmware switch <op_mode>1-3 operation should be
> discarded until automatic sim detection mode(#ACTIVEFW=0,2) is
> disabled.

Basically you can not set the carrier firmware if the mode is in an auto
switch mode:

 If <op_mode> is 0
> <option> is decimal number of auto firmware detection mode by SIM
> 0: one shot: carrier firmware is loaded based on currently inserted
> 1: automatically at reboot, or in case of hot swap enabled, when
> new SIM is inserted – switch only occurs if SIM is not matched to
> the currently running firmware
> 2: disable automatic mode

To get this working you have to disable automatic mode with AT#ACTIVEFW=0,2
and subsequently the AT commands and libqmi commands work to change the
I have no view over how or why this setting was suddenly enabled, and there
does not seem to be a way with AT commands to read that it is enabled from
a quick look, so I have to set it to be sure before switching firmware. At
present Libqmi is saying that everything is working fine when this
automatic setting is enabled, so you don't have a view that it actually
didn't work until you query the firmware after.


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