Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Mon Aug 30 12:08:58 UTC 2021


> I am curious about firmware update options in Sierra. The recent tool qmi-firmware-update is great. But just wondering if it is possible to upgrade firmware with just QMICLI's DMS service? The commands dont seem to take the .spk file as input, unlike the qmi-firmware-update tool?

qmicli speaks QMI exclusively.
qmi-firmware-update speaks QMI, AT, QCDM/DIAG, Firehose and QDL.
Depending on what module is being used, it'll use one protocol or

> Is there a default location where the .spk files are expected to be available?

I assume you meant when attempting to use qmicli exclusively? Then no,
as qmicli cannot do firmware update by itself.


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