Autoconnect query

Sven Schwermer sven at
Fri Nov 26 09:56:40 UTC 2021


I'm checking whether I can get the Quectel BG95 modem to work with QMI 
mode. I'm currently using ModemManager 1.18.2 and libqmi 1.30.2. 
ModemManager doesn't manage to advance the state machine past the 
"enabled" state. This is despite the modem actually already being 
registered and attached to the network:

+CEREG: 0,5


+CGACT: 1,1

+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","bicsapn","",0,0,0


I noticed a few QMI protocol errors in the log (complete log at

3046:<warn>  [1637917459.156274] [modem0] couldn't load supported bands: 
Couldn't parse the list of supported bands
3218:<warn>  [1637917459.178727] [modem0] couldn't query SIM slots: QMI 
protocol error (94): 'NotSupported'
3649:<warn>  [1637917459.264097] [modem0/sim0] couldn't load list of 
emergency numbers: uninitialized emergency numbers list
3687:<warn>  [1637917459.270494] [modem0/sim0] couldn't load list of 
preferred networks: Couldn't get preferred networks: QMI protocol error 
(94): 'NotSupported'
3730:<warn>  [1637917459.276417] [modem0] couldn't load list of own 
numbers: Couldn't get MSISDN: QMI protocol error (16): 'NotProvisioned'
3938:<warn>  [1637917459.404641] [modem0] failed checking whether 
autoconnect is disabled or not: QMI protocol error (94): 'NotSupported'

The last one in particular seems to be related to the problem at hand. 
What exactly does "autoconnect" mean in this context? Is there a way to 
deal with a modem that does indeed have autoconnect enabled?

Best regards,

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