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Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 10:26:58 PST 2012


So, media planning.

The basic algo is fairly primitive:

1. Contact major online media that cover free software.
2. Talk to them about conditions on which they would be willing to
promote the conference.
3. Figure out what you can realistically do and what you can't do.
4. Make agreements.
5. Keep them :)

I think Nathan has worked with pretty much every online media that
covers Linux with maybe just a few exceptions (I'm thinking OMG!Ubuntu
:)). So maybe he could help a bit there?

Realistically media don't want publishing press-releases (the age of
press-releases is pretty much over, too). They need compelling content
and activities: insightful exclusive interviews with developers,
analytics, reviews, reports from hackathons etc. Whatever gets their
readers interested.

And since bumps in visitors activity never last more than a few days,
you need to keep feeding them.

We have, what, 16 weeks till Day Zero, or something? There is still
time to do things properly :)

Here's an example. LGM covers the topic of open culture, right? Get
Lessig to the conference, book a time for his talk far in advance so
that he's made his plans. Then make an interview with him and give it
to some media (they _all_ will be interested). His main ROI is freedom
of content? So change it to freedom of content authoring tools, and
while at that talk about freedom on content delivery platforms such as
the modern mobile. Well, folks, you know your job :)

Or make a special project with webupd8.org or omgubuntu.co.uk like a
weekly video review of free software for graphic design and
photography, co-branded with the website and LGM.

Get any of the folks who run successful Blender-related blogs to
feature LGM every once in a while (but before that, make sure Blender
Foundation, Luxrender and Yafaray folks turn up at the conference).

What I can realistically do:

- Help with the media plan (talking to media and planning)
- Do some of the content
- Publish some of the content at LGW

What I can't do:

- Manage the media plan

Alexandre Prokoudine

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