[LGM] LGM 2013

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Mar 22 04:52:01 PDT 2012

On 03/22/2012 06:26 AM, Femke Snelting wrote:
> Hello Louis, list,
> I've been talking with Marcos Garcia from Medialab Prado [1] about LGM
> and as he reminds me every time we meet: Medialab Prado would very much
> like to invite LGM 8 to Madrid :-)
> Constant worked with Marcos, his colleague Laura Fernandez and the
> organisation several times over the last few years and I am convinced
> that their interest in Libre Graphics is genuine and long-term.
> Medialab Prado is well networked with the Spanish-speaking Free, Libre
> and Open Source Software community (including South America); they work
> closely with the open content movement, W3C and with designers and
> artschools. They are linked to universities and have the kind of venues
> and organisational power at their fingertips that LGM could benefit a
> great deal from. In short: I think this invitation to host LGM in Madrid
> in 2013 presents a wonderful opportunity.
> Both Marcos and me are looking forward to meet you all in Vienna next
> May, but I just wanted to introduce the idea so you can think it over
> and prepare your questions. We are ready to make a formal proposal right
> after LGM 7!

I think we should welcome anyone who is enthusiastic about it and 
understand what it takes to prepare.


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