[LGM] [CREATE] LGM-organiser meet in Madrid, today 18:00

a.l.e a.l.e at ideale.ch
Mon Apr 15 23:47:27 PDT 2013


> Some generic comments about LGM site selection.
> I'm concerned that the decision-making about the most imminent LGM
> can become such a wide-open process.
> For 2014, the only sites under discussion should be places where
> there is a proposal of a specific site, with a clear organizer or
> group, who hopefully have some track record of being able to organize
> events. Obviously, previous sites and organizers have a leg up on
> this, but we can't afford last minute surprises. I would hate to see
> a bad or poorly attended LGM. This year we had the strength and
> knowledge of Femke, but even so the internet connection was quite
> inadequate for a technology-oriented group.
> For two years into the future, then some proposals can be more
> tenuous, but even so there should be some champion who can flesh out
> some details about who will organize the event, know  that there is
> local support of services and maybe even money, and some concrete
> details about what the community has to offer specifically regarding
> LGM.
> I enjoy traveling, and certainly have ideas about what places I would 
> like to visit some day, but LGM isn't some travelogue that always
> must seek out new places to go. I think what we want is that each
> meeting is a success and each in some way better than the last.
> Perhaps one thing which might help would be the creation of a manual
> of sorts which details the particular needs which LGM has, so that
> anyone proposing to host LGM knows what they need to put together.

personally, i share your concerns.

me too, would prefer to see the proposals that popped up on the last
lgm day get mature and get voted on at the next lgm.

in march, i've asked on this list, if there were candidates for the lgm
2014 and the only answer came from louis proposing montreal.

for this reason i consider montreal to be the only "real" candidate
and i'm ready to evaluate other options only if concerns shows up, that
montreal would not be a good choice.
(and yes: i would really love to go to leipzig or medellin! and no,
when i've asked the question, i didn't think about the perpetual
montreal offer: i was more concerned about the fact that we didn't have
any candidate!)

i also have to consider that all the persons having proposed a venue on
- have read my mail or
- there was no way to reach them in advance (i'm mostly thinking
  of medellin: if i understood it correctly, they got the idea by
  attending the lgm itself)

so, i don't see good reasons for them not answering on this list and
come to madrid with a formal proposal in their hands.

i'd love if the teams who have submitted new proposals would get
involved in the organisation of the next LGM and collect some
experience. as far as i can tell, this is a common way of doing for
many meetings.

finally, the more natural thing is to choose and announce the venue for
2015 at the lgm 2014. but we can take the decision (way) earlier if the
teams proposing the venues prefer so.


ps.: since we don't have a (in)formal rule that asks not to make new
proposals during the goodbye meeting, i believe that it was a good
choice not to take the decision in madrid and consider those proposal in
a serious way... but, personally, i would prefer if such a rule
would exist...

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