[LGM] [CREATE] LGM-organiser meet in Madrid, today 18:00

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Tue Apr 16 01:09:40 PDT 2013

hi dave
> On 16 April 2013 08:47, a.l.e <a.l.e at ideale.ch 
> <mailto:a.l.e at ideale.ch>> wrote:
>     i don't see good reasons for them not answering on this list 
> That they are not subscribed to this or the CREATE list does not mean 
> they are not interested in hosting an LGM.
> There are many passionate libre graphics users worldwide who do not 
> (yet?) participate in our little 'elite' community :)

as i have written, from what i can guess, members of all the teams who 
have made a proposal on sunday did read my mail except the one proposing 
medellin (who seem to have come to the idea of proposing the venue by 
attending the lgm).

but i agree that in the future we should make a broader call, than what 
we did for this year.
yes, there is wider world than this list!

you all are welcome to give addresses where such a call for 2015 should 
be published!

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