[LGM] Pledgie results [was: LGM-organiser meet in Madrid]

Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 13:02:02 PDT 2013

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 9:54 PM, Femke Snelting wrote:

> - Parallel Pledgies see http://lgm2013.titanpad.com/future (line 28)

Smalled parallel pledgies are a great idea :) The work better for
pretty obvious reasons, indeed :)

OTOH, what I'd like to know is whether it still makes sense to tell
people about the pledgie. I have a few write-ups coming that have a
bug chunk on benefits of LGM for users in them. A shameless plug would
be in order, if there's still time for one.

> Pledgie was indeed less widely circulated by team members/on "flagship"
> sites than I remember from 2010.
> For reference, here's a list of lgm pledgie banner powered sites in 2010
> http://lgm2013.titanpad.com/pledgie (I promise to add these sprawling pages
> to documentation site once available).
> On the up-side more new projects, artists and designers showed serious
> interest in LGM. Most of them paid their own travel but this is not visible
> from donations.

And it would be interesting to get their testimonials :)

> To me we could be more clear about this as an opportunity for users and
> developers to meet.

Well, I've just met Konstantin Dmitriev (he was passing Moscow on his
way home) and got some interesting insights from him regarding Synfig
BOF. In short, they prototyped some important UI changes and features
(including the using of Mypaint's brushlib for frame-by-frame bitmap
animation), prioritized further development, and were able to put
together a concept of an interesting animation feature (essentially,
shapes' morphing) for which Carlos figured out the backend part, and
Konstantin -- the front-end. Details to follow in an interview :)

> Yes. Communication/marketing team (Hong-Phuc, Maria, Mario) will make sure
> this is not repeated next year. For example, no "global" press-releases was
> sent because it needed another type of writing than me or local team could
> provide.

It's "worse" than that :) In my experience there usually are several
"global" press releases :) Hong-Phuc knows her job, I'm confident in
that, but please tell me, if you need more help. I'm not availabnle at
all times, but I'll be glad to help whenever I can, even if it's in
remote mode.

> Am working here on reports, stats for 2013 and 2010 (give me a few more
> days) and preparing material for a sponsoring doc to be written up with
> Nate. Louis is preparing a feedback form to ask for "testimonials". Some
> blog coverage still coming up.


Alexandre Prokoudine

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