[LGM] Direct me to wrap up of previous LGMs, please

Andreas Vox avox at arcor.de
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Please don't call Greg a troll; he isn't. 

While it's definitely too late to change the procedure for 2014, he raises
some valid points about the selection process.


So just that we have something to discuss, here's another proposal for the
2015+ selections:

-          there's an official call for next LGM proposals between the
previous LGM and the January of the current LGM (ie. 2014)

-          "the committee" collects the proposals and asks for

-          on the evening of the first day of the current LGM we have a
session where every proposal gets a 10 minute talk

-          on the last day of the current LGM there is a vote on the
proposals which were presented on the first day



open selection process, everyone can get involved

detailed proposals a ready before current LGM


decision is again made only one year ahead  (instead of 15 months)




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I think it's enough at this point now. Getting sick of your poison you are
distributing the whole time here. There are 4 proposals, because Andreas
forgot to mention Buenos Aires. That means 3 are on your side of the
Atlantic. We all agreed in a meeting you was not seen in, that for the
future we like to see proposals in a higher quality in advance.
It was also agreed how to handle it this time, there is time until 15th of
May for all for putting together a proposal answering to all questions.
After that an IRC meeting will happen, where all open questions will be
answered and an decision will be made. There was not fixed who has the right
to vote in this meeting, it's an open process. There is also the option that
no majority can go for one place and also there was an agreement to give
more people the possibility to have there voice heard on the mailing list.
It looks to me like an fair and acceptable way how to handle it, a huge step
forward. Definitely better as the marshland we had here before.

People who knows me well, know I have an memory like an elephant. So lets go
back what did happen in Vienna. Two proposals for 2013 Madrid and Montreal.
The majority was for Madrid and it was more an "could be" meaning for
Montreal 2014. It was more lets Louis not travel sad home....

>From 8 LGM 3 was in Montreal, I think a lot agree that's more then enough. A
lot will agree go there will destroy all opportunities we have now putting a
clear process how and when propose it and make LGM to an really FLOSS event
for all people interested in. Not for a few that like the marshland like it
was because they have there sheep in the try....

We will see what happen after 15th of May and where we go and how many of
the proposals stay as option for 2015 in case they are not taken for 2014.
But I fear after that unfortunate attempts here to enforce Montreal for
2014, nobody likes to go there also for 2015 even it has PyCon as an
argument in that year to.

What I wondering about is the arrogance that some have saying such things
like differ from other floss events and is something totally special. It is
not, some have to realize that. On all events the process is open and who
does the work decides.

This year on the table there was not only a lot of people, there was also a
lot of people who are involved in other floss events some of them are bigger
then the LGM such events like SCaLE, Flisol, FOSSASIA, LinuxTag, Linux-Tage,

speaking about participation where was your voice in the closing session or
on the table? So please stay away now from your poisonous mails trying to
enforce Montreal for 2014, it's not helpful we will find out soon where we
go for 2014 and then open it for 2015.

br gnokii

P.S. dont feed the troll

2013/4/24 Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com>

On 04/23/2013 05:58 PM, Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:

Am Dienstag, 23. April 2013, 21:33:10 schrub Gregory Pittman:


Well, for one thing, decisions are not based on the results of an
applause meter (as Femke mentioned at the time).

Since LGM is meant for the people actually going there an applause meter
very well be the best way to decide where to go. No idea if personal
preferences of a few committee members are any better, we will see in about
year by looking at the number of participants.

But that's just my personal opinion.

If you think about it though, there are some serious problems with this
method. At the foremost, it turns to decision into cheering for a
city/country, as opposed to seeing a proposed site in the context of the
quality of the LGM that might take place there, and perhaps some sense of
the economic and other challenges that attendees might face. The presumption
that those who did not attend LGM this year but have in the past are no
longer interested in LGM and unlikely to attend in future doesn't really
have anything to back it up. It seems possible that there are some who
cannot afford to attend every year, and proximity to where they live is a
major issue. If we imagine, for example, that next year LGM might be in
Leipzig, that would be 3 years in a row in Europe, rather skewing the
assessment of attendance.

I don't think it's unusual for groups who have meetings to rely on some
committee for site selection. In the case of LGM, anyone who wishes to be
part of this process has been welcomed to volunteer to help. In the past,
few have come forward to volunteer their time and effort for the purpose.


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