[LGM] About promoting LGM and Interactivos?

Nerea García Garmendia nerea at medialab-prado.es
Wed Jan 2 08:23:24 PST 2013

Dear Alexandre and list members,

I'm Nerea García, responsible for the communication in Medialab-Prado 
and I'll be helping out with the dissemination of the calls and the 
events of LGM and Interactivos?

First of all sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

We are currently working on the promotion of the call for projects for 
Interactivos? and also the call for presentations for the Meeting, 
through our regular database of contacts, which includes websites, 
mailing lists and school programs specialized in digital and free 
culture, as well as personal emails of multimedia artists. We have also 
sent some paid announcements with eartnow, w3art and exitmail.

However, all these are quite a "generic" sort of mailing lists since 
they are not specialized in libre graphics or designers working with 
free software. Here is where we definitely appreciate your input about 
communities, sites and mailing lists that specifically fit the topic of 
the event.

We can share a pad with a list of the main sites, mailing lists and 
artists contacted so far for the purpose of the call, which is our main 
focus right now. I've asked Femke to remind me the link to the pad so 
hopefuly we can start working on that very soon.

Regarding Pledgie, is the Campaign already online?

All the best,

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>> Hello Everyone!!
>> As some of you may already know, last Friday we had a meeting to try to
>> figure out how to help and support LGM as part of the programming of
>> Medialab but respecting your organization and planning.
>> We would like to share with you some ideas and decisions we made.
> Hi Monica,
> Sorry, I was unavailable most of the last week.
> I'd like to have your input about working with the media.
> As I already mentioned before, getting the online media to keep
> mentioning the conference will work as long as we feed them with
> interesting content. However I'm not sure how well it aligns with your
> own plans. I really would like to step on your toes :)
> I have a list of communities that could (or definitely will) host a
> pledgie widget, and I'll add potentially interesting websites to work
> with later today. It's a Google Docs spreadsheet that I can share with
> involved parties. It also has contacts of teams who participate, as
> well as artists who could do workshops.
> Also, as per results of a prior discussion, I started sending out
> personal invitations to teams. The first group I'm targeting is folks
> who make awesome free 3D rendering engines: Mitsuba, LuxRender,
> Yafaray, Appleseed, Cycles (Blender).
> Alexandre Prokoudine
> http://libregraphicsworld.org
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nerea at medialab-prado.es
Durante las obras que tienen lugar en MEDIALAB-PRADO (Plaza de las Letras. Alameda, 15. 28014 Madrid) el personal y la actividad se trasladan temporalmente a Paseo de la Chopera, 14. 28045 Madrid (Intermediae-Matadero-Madrid).

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