[LGM] Agenda and draft proposal for Libre Graphics Meeting Code of Conduct

Jon Nordby jononor at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 11:42:59 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,

Here is the agenda and a draft of a proposed Code of Conduct for the
session on Friday, 09.30 in the main audiorium.


* Discussion: Why should we consider a Code of Conduct?
* Possible courses of action

    * LGM decides to have no CoC
    * based on the draft we develop a CoC and procedure
    * another proposal

* Work on further steps

DRAFT - http://piratepad.net/draftcoc
Libre Graphics Meeting - Code of Conduct

Since it's early beginnings in 2006, the Libre Graphics Meeting has
been a melting pot where free software developers, practitioners and
artists from all over the world have a chance to meet each other,
exchange ideas, and plan the future of Free, Libre and Open Source
graphics. The meeting is all about participation and is free to
attend, and open to all.

We intend the Libre Graphics to be an event that inspires mutual
respect, collaboration and exchange. The Libre Graphics Code of
Conduct states our shared ideas about the desired behaviour of
participants and organisers. This document is about conduct at the
actual meeting (including related social events, presentations and
workshops), communication on the LGM-mailing lists and IRC.

* The Libre Graphics community is committed to providing a safe and
welcoming environment for all participants, regardless of gender,
sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, age or religion.
* We accept that people have differences of opinion, and that they
communicate those in various ways.
* Misunderstandings do sometimes occur, and people should be able to
work things out between themselves in a courteous and respectful
manner whenever possible. If necessary they should seek the advice of
a mutually trusted third party.
* Participants notify each other when they realise behaviour might be
out of order.
* Harassment is not tolerated in any form. No matter who you are, if
you feel threatened or violated as a result of intimidating,
harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning conduct,
please immediately notify [Contact information]

To achieve the goals of the Code of Conduct, the organisers of the
Libre Graphics Meeting:
* Will appoint a dedicated contact person, preferrably part of the
local team. Name and contact details will be published beforehand.
* Will follow up on each issue that the contact person is notified of.
This includes communicating with involved parties about further steps.
* If necessary, the contact person will take proportional measures
such as removing someone from the premises or channel.

We invite your feedback on this text; on the Create mailinglist, in
the linked Etherpad, in person before or during the event.


Femke Snelting
Michael Schumacher
Jon Nordby

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