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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 09:09:26 PDT 2014

2014-04-07 11:14 GMT-04:00 Louis Desjardins <louis.desjardins at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> Now that LGM is over, we need to put together a final report for LGM 2014
> as to keep a trace of what was accomplished.
> Please add to the short list below if you think we need more.
>    - Summary of what is LGM : what, why, who, where, when
>    - Short history so readers have a sense of the importance of the event
>    over the years.
>    - What has been accomplished in 2014
>    - A report in 2 parts by each team present at LGM : a short summary of
>    200 words or less and a report as detailed as necessary and as long as
>    necessary.
>    - Quotes and/or thoughts by participants
>    - Statistics of 2014 (and if possible, a brief note on how those have
>    evolved over the past years if we have the numbers)
>    - List of sponsors and partners to the event
>    - Looking towards 2015 (and maybe 2016?)
>    - Images and logos
> I am ready to put a form together on the web once we have gathered some
> feedback about the structure of the report. I believe we do have such forms
> ready and we would only need to review them before posting the official
> "Call for Reports"!


I have had a look at the actual 2 forms available to get participant and
projects feedback and in my opinion, while I understand the intention,
there are too many questions. I wonder what is the actual goal of so many
detailed infos and if we could strip this down to much simpler forms in
order to get the info in for the Final report.

Also, if we need to treat that data in some way, we cannot merge fields
such as name and project all together in one field. There is a need for
distinct fields as well as there is a need to keep their number low.

I can help/do the forms but before stripping down another person's work,
I'd like to get feedback first.


I suggest we make our report available online in a dedicated page and as a
> nicely layed out PDF that could be printed as A4 and Letter formats. We
> need volunteers to put that together.
> The report helps us keep track of what has been done and this in turn
> helps us discuss with our partners and sponsors. As we're growing, this
> becomes critical.
> Timely feedback will be much appreciated.
> Cheers!
> Louis
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