[LGM] LGM locations 2015 - 2016

peter peter at constantvzw.org
Wed Apr 23 22:46:07 PDT 2014

Dear :

Nathan Willis, Peter Westenberg, Andreas Vox, Fridrich Strba, Susan 
Spencer, Femke Snelting, Michael Schumacher, Manuel Schmalstieg, Ale 
Rimoldi, Gregory Pittman, Martin Owens, Jon Nordby, Øyvind Kolås/pippin, 
Valek Filippov, Julien Deswaef, Louis Desjardins, Pat David, Hong Phuc 
Dang, ginger coons, Dave Crossland, Steve Conklin,  Sarup Banskota, 
Larisa Blasic, Camille Bissuel, Mario Behling,

You volunteered in 2014 or said you'd volunteer for 2015 so we need your 
help with deciding the location of LGM.

It is time to start the selection process. I proposed to take this on, 
as some usual suspects have little time, hope you are ok with that.

Here's how I propose we proceed:

* The group meets twice on irc (#lgm @ irc.freenode.net)
to discuss.

* Meeting dates are:
Wednesday 3O april, 18.00 UTC (20.00 CEST, EDT 14:00, 19.00 BST)
at #lgm @ irc.freenode.net

Saturday 03 may, 18.00 UTC (20.00 CEST, EDT 14:00, 19.00 BST)
at #lgm @ irc.freenode.net

* The aim is to reach a consensus by saturday 3 may, so we can inform 
the LGM and Create lists, and announce on the LGM website shortly after.

* In Leipzig, we discussed that it would be good to talk not only about 
2015 but also about where to go in 2016. If we can get a conclusive 
consensus for the two years, it will allow more preparation time for the 
future organisers. Let's see if we can make that work.

* If you are one of the persons in the list above:
Can you please confirm your availability on the following pad ?

Thank you and looking forward to seeing all of you on irc soon !

Peter Westenberg

constant vzw | rue du fort straat 5 | 1060 brussel belgie | 0032 (0)2 
5392467 | constantvzw.org

                   C O N S T A N T
                        V Z W

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