[LGM] GSoC students at LGM 2014

Mario Behling mb at mariobehling.de
Mon Jan 13 03:12:07 PST 2014

Dear all,

Carol from Google has already given positive feedback about getting
GSoC students of graphics projects to LGM. Google could fund up to 500
USD per student. At the moment we are still discussing how many
students Google could fund. Funding for mentors is unfortunately not

In order to get a better picture how many students would actually come
to LGM, I have created a Google form. Please ask your students to sign
up. http://goo.gl/NgKei4

Regarding payment, during GSoC there were different options to get the
funding from Google for event travel:
a) Google could send it directly to the students GSoC credit card and
b) Google send it to an organization, that distributes the funding.

Generally, my experience is, that they prefer to get one invoice for
all to keep the overhead small. For the invoice part, I will take
responsibility. I ask every student to submit all invoices and account
data to me within two months after LGM. I will then transfer the
funding within 30days (or earlier) after I have received the invoice
or within 30days (or earlier) after I have received the funding from
Google (whatever is faster).

I hope that clears up all questions regarding GSoC for the moment.

All the best,


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