[LGM] Pledgie badge on http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2014/ ?

Michael Schumacher schumaml at gmx.de
Thu Jan 23 18:07:18 PST 2014


I noticed that the Pledgie badge for the LGM 2014 travels fund is not
shown at a prominent place on http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2014/
It would fit in the blue navigation bar - but I tend to put pragmatics
before aesthetics.

I've added it to a news item at http://www.gimp.org, and there have been
three more pledges since then - I can't and won't claim that they were
lured there due to this post, of course.

What I can claim that having two popular micro-donations options, Flattr
and Bitcoin, prominently shown on each and every of the pages on our
site has an effect, and reordering the standard donations page to have
the most popular options at the top had a similar, ablit smaller (in
comparison) effect as well.

Adding and reordering them didn't happen fast - there were the doubts
whether Flattr, with its focus on *micro*donating, was worth the effort
(oh yes, it is), whether Bitcoin would become anything useful at all (it
is at the "and then they fight you" stage now) and whether supporting
Paypal so obviously as a primary choice is appropriate (this is sort of
a "it is what Gnome uses, and works").

More exposure to the Pledgie badge can't don any harm, in my opinion.

Adding the following code is all that's needed:

<a href='https://pledgie.com/campaigns/22927'><img alt='Click here to
lend your support to:  Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 and make a donation
at pledgie.com !'
border='0' ></a>

IIRC the badge's skin can be adjusted, I think you have to log in to see
the available options..

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