[LGM] Bells and Whistles for LGM 2014

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 06:09:20 PST 2014

Hi LGM believers and supporters,

LGM will start in 64 days!

Our annual fundraiding campaign is on its way and we need your support, but
not only *yours*!

If each and every one of us looks around in his or her network, we can
certainly reach the 12K bar we have fixed this year as our goal and even
get way beyond it.

The big number should not make us believe it's unreachable! We are numerous
and that counts! Each of us knows at least 5-10 people we can make aware of
our needs!

Over 80 people have proposed a talk at LGM and we can expect a fair lots
more participants to come, discuss, chat, hack with us this year. If each
of us asks around in his or her network, that could mean up to 1000 people.
With that many people and the average donation being around $30, we can
make sure we've got the budget to cover this year's needs!

Your contribution will be used to provide travel subsidies to the speakers
at LGM, the developers and contributors who work on Free and Open Source
Graphics projects around the world, often for free in their spare time and
to help offset the cost of assembling the top developers and users of free
and open source graphics software to make it better. LGM is *the* annual
meeting they need to coordinate their efforts towards better applications
and better integration between applications. For most teams, LGM is the
only moment these people will be able to talk between eyes. It's not only
important, it's crucial work.

If we need stuff like banners on our websites or buttons and testimonies
etc., just do it!

The Pledgie way is easy and quick and it really helps us put together LGM
and bring the people that are really making a difference in the evolution
of all the projects present at LGM.

Thanks in advance!

For the record, we just crossed the 1K bar yesterday. 11K to go for 64 days
left, that's not even $200 per day and if we climb up to 20K, that's $300
per day or 10 people per day at $30 each.

Let's push hard this year again!

See you in Leipzig!

Please forward in your favorite project's mailing lists!

For the LGM organisation
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