[LGM] Remote participation

Julien Deswaef juego at requiem4tv.com
Mon Apr 20 08:26:20 PDT 2015

Hello LGM team

I'm really sad to announce that I won't be physically in Toronto for
this LGM. And I regret it deeply.

The thing is I just moved to NY couple months ago, and the ballet of
switching between apartment sublets has appointed me for another move on
May 1st. Yes, it's the third time already in 2 months, but that's the
deal for newcomers in the big apple.

Anyway, as part of the communication team, I'll still be up and ready to
push, re-share, re-blog, re-tweet anything that can extend the voice of
the community over the networks. But I'll do this from a couch first in
Manhattan, and then Brooklyn.

I don't know if anybody has planned to video stream (even
confidentially) the talks over the net, but I would sign up for a seat
immediately if that's available.

Anyway, I'll be glad to read your tweets, see you pictures and whatever
you'll post during those intense days.

Wishing you all a good LGM



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