[LGM] Pre-LGM drinks and nachos

ginger coons ginger at adaptstudio.ca
Mon Apr 27 09:26:21 PDT 2015

Hi everyone (and apologies for cross-posting, knowing that many LGMers are
on both lists),

LGM starts this Wednesday, in the afternoon. For those of you who are here
a bit early, we're planning a bit of an informal drink and hang-out
tomorrow evening.

Here's the plan: Sneaky Dee's (http://sneaky-dees.com/home/) is a major
fixture of the UofT neighbourhood. They provide cheap beer (and
non-alcoholic beverages), as well as that great, North American
institution: huge plates of nachos with a bunch of stuff baked onto them.

If you're in Toronto a little early and want to do some informal
socializing, join us tomorrow (Tuesday the 28th) at 7:30ish at Sneaky Dee's
(accessible from both the Bathurst and College streetcars). They don't take
reservations but it's a spacious place used to large groups, so we'll be
turning up and taking over what space we can.

See you there!


ginger "all-lower-case" coons
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