[LGM] some personal observations re: LGM 2015

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Apr 30 07:09:33 PDT 2015

These are just my own notes about the talks as they have proceeded so far.

Creating textbook-grade SVG illustrations for Wikipedia - Kelvin Song
	With numerous examples of his own work for Wikimedia Commons, Kelvin
advocated for greater involvement of skilled vector graphics artists in
supplying high-quality graphics to accompany Wikipedia articles. In
particular, he showed how the use of layers makes for richer graphics,
so that they can contain features such as links and shading. Some
drawbacks can be changes in fonts and rsvg display in the browser.

The List powered by Creative Commons - Matt Lee
	Matt introduced us to The List, an android app which connects users to
image needs for Wikipedia articles. The idea is to automate the
awareness of needs along with the ability to upload images at the moment
they are taken.
	There was some discussion about privacy issues regarding photographs of
people, as well as restrictions on images of copyrighted art and other
structures. These will be presumably handled by moderation of
submissions. iPhone users can submit their email for updates as to when
an iPhone version might become available.

imgflo: On-demand serverside image processing - Jon Nordby
	imgflo is a server based app which allows users to use and
automatically edit images on websites, pulled in by their URLs. Based on
GEGL, there is an ability to customize existing GEGL filters to your liking.

Jumping - Pathum Egodawatta
	Pathum joined us over the internet from Sri Lanka. There were some
issues with the connection, but he related his personal odyssey as a
graphic artist finding, then implementing open source graphics tools,
including the creation of his own fonts.

Metapolator: designing interaction for creative pros - peter sikking
	Metapolator is a new project for modifying and editing fonts, not just
one glyph at a time, but for a whole character set at once. The desire
is to target those needing high-quality professional fonts, suitable for
publishing. We were promised that Dave Crossland will be talking more on
this later in LGM.

Why are black plums red when they are green? - Myriam Cea
	Myriam gave us a history of her efforts using open source graphics
tools to try to create greater involvement of women in computer-based
graphics. In its early stages, it is already showing some promise in
accomplishing its goals.

Allowing mistakes to happen - Antonio Roberts
	Antonio has an affinity for mistakes, or glitches. So much so that he
goes out of his way to create them, by deleting parts of image files, or
finding ways to load an image into software not designed for graphics,
like loading a JPEG into Audacity, editing there then seing what you
get. Sometimes thing break, but when they don't, the results can be

Greg Pittman

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