[LGM] lgm 2018: a B. town as a B-plan?

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Thu Jun 8 20:13:31 UTC 2017


the main topic of this evening IRC meeting was the LGM 2018.

as you probably have read, we currently don't have any candidate.
(but three wonderful candidates for the years after 2018!)

the active participants have unanimously asserted that it would be a
pity not to have an LGM in 2018.

personally, i would be ready to explore the possibility to organize

- an easy going lgm.
- mainly focused on the needs of the actual contributors of the
  projects attached to the LGM.
- easy to reach for most people potentially attending.
- in a b. town close to the place i live: basel.

there might be other people who would be ready to organize an LGM in a
different  B. town (a non exhaustive list of possible candidates will
follow in the IRC log that will be sent later to this list).

anybody else feels like volunteering for the lgm 2018?

i wish you all a wonderful night

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