[LGM] ATTN ALL: Call for 2018 venue...

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Tue Jun 27 16:15:57 UTC 2017


i agree that my offer sounds a bit strange.

if you want to better understand how it came into life, you might want
to read the irc log from the latest LGM meeting. tobias has recorded and
shared it on this list on june 9:


as you can read, my offer was triggered by the concern that there might
be no LGM at all in 2018.

i hope that you know can understand why i won't be pushing my proposal.
and i don't feel like being one of multiple candidates for an LGM 2018.
if somebody else wants to organize an LGM in 2018, just go ahead and
send us your candidature!
i won't be your opponent : - )

i just have the feeling that we should  fix a last deadline for such
i cannot start too late to rescue the LGM, either (well, i probably can,
but, then here in zurich only)

now, since there are a few people having shown some interest in having
an LGM in basel, i'd try to explain a bit more about the reasons why i'm
proposing to to host an LGM in basel.

on the one side, i have made some valuable experience by rescuing the
LGM in vienna. i have also learned a few things from it and i'm
confident i can manage a successful but "low profile" LGM.

i'm living in zurich, and i think it would be wonderful to have an LGM here!
but the prices for accommodations are quite high and it's very hard (or
impossible) to find cheap accommodations.
this kills the idea of hosting an lgm right here.
(i have experienced a fedora meeting here and i've heard that the
accommodation was a pain!)
if you have the feeling that this issue can be somehow overcome (or is
not an issue anymore thanks to airbnb?) just ping me and my suggestion
will relocate to zurich.
(in that case i can be a real candidate... but probably not for 2018)

now, why basel?
it's the closest town to zurich (i can get there for a meeting after
work) and it's at the borders with germany and france.
people on a tight budget can cross the borders in the evening and enjoy
much cheaper accommodations.

it's also close to where many of the LGM people are living.
and seems to be in the center of the area where most (european) LGMers are.

basel has hourly/bi-hourly TGVs, ICEs, EC from/to many major european
it has a cheap airport (in france).
and has very good train connections with international airports (most of
all zurich).

i also know that there are a few amazing locations that are friendly to
free software and technology.
i'm not in direct contact with them.
that will be the hard part, but i'm confident that a location can be
found for free (or we can find founds for paying for it)

there are also a few people in switzerland, i want to get in touch with,
BEFORE i start organizing an LGM. some of them are probably reading this
that's why i prefer not to give too much information or make promises i
cannot hold.

all i can (and want to) say: if there is no candidate for 2018, i can
try to setup an emergency LGM in basel.
since ideas and people keep on popping up we're not at that point, yet.

have a wonderful evening

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