[LGM] LGM Seville proposal

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Mon Sep 4 13:27:26 UTC 2017


iirc, the few comments we have had until now were positive and i don't 
recall having seen anybody hinting to bigger obstacles...

can we agree that it's time to take a decision?

my suggestion:

- everbody who is on the lgm-org mailing list can participate in the 

- i retrieve the list of people who took part in the decision for the 
LGM in rio and make sure that all of them are on the lgm-org list

- communicate on the -org list who is on the list and let the organizers

   - tell if they want or not to be on the list

   - eventually suggest new people who should be on the list

- people on this list can also ask to be on the -org list and 
participate in the decision

- if 50%+ of the people on the lgm-org list says "yes", the next lgm 
will be in sevilla.


- are you fine with the process?

- any points to be added / removed /modified?

have fun


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