[LGM] voting process for the lgm 2018

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Thu Sep 14 20:17:05 UTC 2017

hey people

during this evening monthly meeting 50% of the participants have
criticized the fact that the vote would happen on the lgm-org list
instead of the more general lgm list.

since the rest 50% of the active participant was also for a vote
process that is as open as possible, i amend my proposal and i now
suggest that the vote will take place on this list.

personally, i have the feeling that most of the persons that should in
any case involved in the decision have already given a positive
but the question remains: which goal should the vote reach for sevilla
to be accepted as the venue for 2018?

should there simply be more yes than no?
(well, currently i expect a dictatorial 100% of yes... but who knows?)

so here my latest proposal:

- on sunday september 17 i send an email to the list with the  subject
  "should the lgm 2018 be in sevilla?"
- everybody who feels like, answers to the thread with a "yes" or "no"
  the email can be longer, but only the ones clearly stating a "yes" or
  "no" will be counted : - )
- we wait for at least three days for replies, maximum until sunday
  24 september and as soon as there are have been no replies for two
  days we count the votes.
- if there is a majority of yes, next year we will all go to sevilla!

if there is no major outrage, i'll send the email on sunday (or anybody
else can send it! of course).

let's hope for the better!


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