[LGM] LGM 2019 website

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Wed Aug 8 14:33:34 UTC 2018

hi pat

(who asked in private and agreed to get the reply through the mailing

> I was going to see if I could help theme the 2019 website for LGM - is
> someone already doing this, and if not is there some guidance on what
> should be done?

the person who was going to work on the website has real life troubles
with his house and, now, soenke would take the burden on himself.
you have put tobias in CC: and -- as far as i understood -- it is
soenke plans to involve him.

as communicated on this list, on monday we had a meeting about the
website management.
i can send you a log if you wish.

this having been said, i guess that soenke would be happy if other
people can help!

> * Requirements?
> * Assets (Logo, type, font, colors that we want to use for
> consistency)?
> * What types of things might require special theming/styling?

i guess that those three points should be answered by soenke...

we tend to have a standard set of pages online, but -- at the end --
it's the local team that chooses what is being published!

the part that might need a special treatment are the forms.

> * I'm assuming you're going to use pages, but will there be "blog
> posts" as well?

in the past, we always have had blog posts on the main pages, but
almost never managed to have something that we could call a blog.

personally, i'd prefer to have a static page there, too... until we
have somebody who produces a stream of news...
but it's up to the local team to forge the website...

> What version of Wordpress are you using?

it was the latest at the time of install...
we can set any (up to date) version the people who are creating the
website are comfortable with...

now it's time for soenke to tell you how you can help with the website!


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