[LGM] If anyone's interested in a libre graphics day at LCA in New Zealand...

Susan Spencer susan.spencer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 23:26:42 UTC 2018

Hi Sam!
I'll be at LCA.
Did you propose a miniconf?
I proposed one too, for open fashion including hands-on demos using the
software and equipment.
Good luck to you!
If yours is accepted, I can help you with setup, teardown, &  general

Susan Spencer

*Chair Fashion Freedom Initiative <https://fashionfreedom.eu>*

*I'm offline on Wednesdays to do all the things and on weekends to do all
the other things.*

On Sat, Jul 28, 2018 at 9:05 PM, Sam Muirhead <sam at cameralibre.cc> wrote:

> I'm in New Zealand, and keen to take this on :) Thanks for the prompt!
> I wasn't planning to attend LCA due to this year's focus on Internet of
> Things, which has no crossover with my interests, but I didn't even
> consider the idea of an LGM miniconf...
> I will submit a proposal in the next day or two. If anybody else is keen
> to be involved, please get in touch!
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> Sam Muirhead
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> Jul 29, 2018, 12:05 PM by nwillis at glyphography.com:
> ...now's the time.
> I realize this is short notice, but what can you do.  Linux.conf.au (LCA)
> has its call for papers open for just a couple more days:
> https://linux.conf.au/call-for-papers/
> The event itself is January 21 to 25, 2019.
> In addition to the regular session submissions, though, people can propose
> one-day 'miniconfs' for addition to the schedule. Approved miniconf
> organizers are then responsible for putting together their own program.
> They are typically single-topic-focused events, and holding one on libre
> graphics would certainly be a great opportunity for the LG community to
> engage with a totally different audience than the one that habitually
> frequents LGM itself.
> Several folks on this list have put together similar libre-graphics-day
> tracks at other local, community events in the past, most recently at SCALE
> in Los Angeles, and they're always enthusiastic and interesting. So if
> anybody is in the Australia / New Zaeland region (or likes going there),
> and feels like giving it a shot, this is the chance.
> Please note that I'm not volunteering to do that: it really would need
> somebody who's either in the area or is already 100% sure that they'll be
> at LCA. I've been a couple of times in years past and it's a great
> community, but it's quite a trip for a lot of us on certain other
> continents....
> Anyway, just tossing that out there. I don't think you'd have to have
> anything close to a complete plan in place (like what speakers/sessions
> you'd have); this is just the deadline for proposing a miniconf in general.
> Nate
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