[LGM] Changing email address

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Tue Aug 14 09:02:46 UTC 2018

hi twohot

> I am having a hard time logging into 'mailman' ... authentication is
> always failing
> I am pretty sure my email and password is correct.
> However, I'd like to login and change the active email address
> because I will be closing it soon.

i think that you could solve the issue, since i cannot find this
address in the subscriber list but there is a similar address @ gmail...


p.s.: and for future reference: no, we cannot really change your email
address without some proof of your identity happening outside of the
mailing list... but you can -- of course -- ask mailman for your

p.p.s.: and for everybody on this list: be aware that the version of
mailman used by freedesktop stores your password in clear: make sure
that you don't use any password you don't want to become public at some
time in the future!

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