[LGM] Changes in LGM 2018. IRC this Thursday [CET 20:30] ?

ale a at 414c45.net
Tue Jan 9 12:19:09 UTC 2018

Happy and free new year! :)

We've to announce some changes regarding one of the venues that were
going to host the meeting.

Last news of funding by Google Fonts have shifted the landscape. Anonima
doesn't feel comfortable hosting an event funded by Google, so in case
the funding goes ahead we'll have to change the proposed format for the
event and translate a big chunk of the program to the Faculty of
Communication and leave Tramallol for the weekend.

We'll like to talk about this in order to be agile adapting everything
to the new situation and communicating properly these changes to the
public asap.

So from the local team we propose to start 2018 IRC sessions this
Thursday at 20:30 h to talk about this, mainly.


ale [414c45.net · wwb.cc · @414c45]

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